Do Your Part!

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body filled with light It was once said by Adrian Rogers, ( that; “When you get right with God and are filled with the Holy Spirit, He will simply shine through you”

Sure, it may sound like a tedious task–getting right with God–but in all honesty, it’s not that bad. You just have to do your part and He will do the rest.

“But what’s my part?”

Whatever you and God agree on.

Maybe it’s repenting for your sins and getting baptized…or baptized again.

Maybe it’s volunteering at a homeless shelter.

Maybe it’s studying for 5 hours a day so that you can make “A honor roll”.

You find out what your part is by communicating with God. Tell Him that you want an amazing relationship with Him. He wants it too!

Delight yourself in Him, and He will shine through you.

The communication part isn’t hard either! Just talk to Him any…

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Bold, Proud and Loud!

Growing up in a conservative church setting, everything and anything individualistic was concealed. It was all about the group. Any great talent the individual possessed was often seen as a tool that could destroy them and was often used but in a rather cautious manner.

I have never been taught to be fully aware of and appreciate the talents God gave me. This, I believe, destroyed my confidence in displaying them and made me vulnerable to adopting a self-important attitude upon hearing compliments from other people as I grew up. Going from solely hearing “It’s all for God” said in shamefulness to people saying “You have an amazing voice!” can almost certainly result in anyone having a ‘big head’. Some people respond with saying “It’s all for God” shamefully as I did, true to my conservative upbringing, only killing an inward and very human urge to be great, to be known and to be noticed.

I strongly believe that any and every human urge we possess can be used for the glory of God. Lust, for example, as a shameful subject in the church can be used to point out to the fact that there are certain ‘holes’ that only God can fill. Physical lust, without the intervention of the Spirit, is a never ending burden, a monster that needs to be fed in order to be kept at bay. But, when God comes into our lives, He crushes the cycle by filling us with Him. We have not put the monster to shame, but have rather given it a different diet. We can also do the same for for any other human urges we may have, such as the urge to be great, to be known and noticed. It is a desire that lies within every one of us. The monster needs to be given a different diet.

We often starve the monster because it, like lust, is never satisfied. When it is overly-fed, the individual becomes haughty; when it is starved, the individual lacks confidence. There is often no middle ground. The biggest mistake here is that we feel our talents belong to us. You’re up there performing right? It makes sense. One problem with that; a problem that kills many people is that you fall into the trap of feeding off other people’s ticks and crosses. Feeding off both positive and negative feedback will kill you. Your talents don’t belong to you and you’re not meant to be a slave to other people’s opinions.

Your talents have been given to you by God and are validated in Him! Sing, dance and shout as boldly as you can knowing that the validation comes from a never-changing being. The problem with relying on people’s feedback is that they are hot for you one day and suddenly cold the next. You never know where you stand. You contantly have to run up to them in your fluffy blue suit for the next cookie. 

Your validation was given to you in a promise sealed with blood. We can not and should not be shy and conservative when it comes to what God has enabled us to do. For wherever we are and in whatever we do, we are representing God. People who shy away from purpose and step out timidly into the world do not best represent the power a Christian ought to possess.

What best feeds this monster is the validation of Christ and the order to use every talent to bring glory to Him. “It’s all for God”, and there is absolutely no shame in it.

Be bold, loud and proud!

…as you love yourself.

Pain sometimes teaches you to stop relying on people for happiness.
The world often teaches us that we receive an equal measure of the love we give to other people. That is untrue. Expecting people to behave a certain way is a recipe for disaster!
This, however, does not mean that you are not deserving of any love or respect. What we all need to realise is that God is the man we should look to for complete love. He never disappoints.
Indeed, no matter how much people may love you, they will disappoint you. This doesn’t make them bad, it’s just them being human. What people do to you, however, should not determine what you do to them. You are your own person. Own your behavior. Own your emotions. Allow yourself to be guided by the purity of Devine love.
Don’t focus so much on people. Look to God and critically search for any points of correction within yourself. Do this until it is an inseparable part of you very being.
Love your neighbour….
…as you love yourself.

Thoughts on religion

‘They’ say what feels like the end is often the beginning of something greater. I agree.
That ‘something greater’ may not be some spectacular event but a simple inward change in the way we think and feel. This notion has also shaped my belief in knowing that Christ may not always change my situation because He wants to change my heart.
Personally, I have been through a lot. That’s nothing to brag or feel special about since we’ve all had our fair share of troubles. Sometimes I feel as though my problems don’t matter when I take a look at what’s happening around me; around us all. You’d expect “People are dying!” to be the first line on the list but living in emotional agony takes the cup. Living yet dying.
When God offers us life, we often think of a physical life after the one we live ends. That’s great, but it makes religion hard to relate to. Unless you work in a funeral home, the thought of death won’t be popular. Notice how even though people die daily, death still manages to leave us in complete shock. ‘Living while dying’ however is something we are all well accustomed to.
You know the saying. The more you expect, the more upset you’ll be. Disappointment no matter how big or small kills us. In a world filled with imperfect people, that kind of death is something we have all experienced. This is where religion steps out of being something that exists only at the back of our minds and into a present reality.
We can not survive the daily battles that are thrown our way without the permanent anchor of religion. When we take God with us wherever we go, victory is surely ours. When we walk in the wisdom and protection of something infinitely greater than we are, we walk in the confidence of divine protection and endless provision. Religion isn’t something we connect to on our physical death bed in fear of a lake of fire. Religion is something we take with us wherever we go; it is a relationship with God. This life altering relationship is one we can never afford to let go of.

Saying… Stuff.